September 16, 2015
SEP 16 – I am very pleased to be able to invite artists in all media to participate in THE SMALLEST PARADE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is an exciting event that benefits MARC House, a non-profit that assists developmentally and intellectually disabled citizens in our community.
$1000 First Prize $750 Second Prize $250 Third Prize AND a built in audience to buy your work at the silent auction associated with this event. Artists get 50% of sale price.

What is it? It’s a miniature parade—entirely indoors on a conveyor track that pulls your creation in front of an interpretation of Duval Street by Rick Worth. The parade will be viewed in the cavernous rooms of the Brewery—either live in the main room, or through real time video on multiple flat screen monitors throughout the rest of the building

ALL MEDIA are welcome

— ALL Media (as long as it’s safe).

I am attaching an application and a flyer here. Please share with all our fellow artists. This is going to be FUN and FUNNY!

I have also included some inspiration with this. Research more by Googling “European Parades” “Japanse parades” “toothpick art” “papier mache” “most outrageous cakes” get the idea.


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