Smallest Parade in the Universe!!!!!!!

BIG NEWS! THE FOURTH ANNUAL SMALLEST PARADE IN THE UNIVERSE IS MOVING TO MARCH 2! This gives our artists a better time slot to produce their entries and a wider audience. In honor of the shift in time, the Fourth Annual Smallest Parade in the Universe theme is “It’s About Time!” This Small Parade features 18” floats jiggling down a replica of Duval street on a conveyor, complete with a “police escort” and a bobble-head grand marshal. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 2, 2019.

CALL TO ARTISTS —Float Designers, Model Builders, Bakers, Florists, Sculptors, Craftsmen, Tinker Toy Experts, Lego Maniacs….

Workbench size parade floats - the model for your Full size Fantasy Fest float for instance—can be any media: wood, paper, metal, glass, cake

Just kindly remember that our volunteers have to carry them to and from the “parade route” so build them lightweight with a sturdy carrying structure.

Calling artists, craftsmen, model makers, sculptors, engineers and other creative people.
Build a float of any media no larger than 18” in any dimension and join the Smallest Parade in the Universe team!
Floats can be sold in the silent auction that benefits the MARC House and artists get 50% of the sale price.


Our main rule is all the floats are PG-13. Application has more details.


All proceeds go to the MARC House and the wonderful artists who participate in The Smallest Parade in the Universe!

Tickets and VIP tables

Tickets will be on sale at and at the theater box office. Reserve early. This show has a history of selling out!!!


1st place is $1000

2nd Place $500

3rd place $250

November 01, 2016
First Prize ($1000) “Dark and Spooky Night” by Donna Coffin Second Prize ($750) “A Flamboyance of Flamingos” by Bill Chandler Third Prize ($250) “Black Conch” by The Stock Island Wood Workers
September 28, 2016
The Design Workshop at the Waterfront Brewery last night was informal and informative! We had a good group of mostly seasoned designers who knew the basics and could share ideas and tips they had learned. It always surprises me that more novices don’t attend the workshops, but it is delightful to get discussions going among people who know where the pitfalls lay and also kn...
September 13, 2016
Searching for ideas? First, look at the videos that we have on YouTube (Search for The Smallest Parade in the Universe). We have a FaceBook page with photos of most of last year’s entries and some inspirational robots, kinetic sculptures, tableaus and other items that may spark your genius for inventive fun. We also have a Pinterest board with lots of interesting items gleaned fr...
August 08, 2016
The VIDEO! ​A little inspiration for entries in The Smallest Parade in the Universe.
October 18, 2015
I have seen some of the entries for this parade and I am excited! We are getting very close to this first time event and I think it is going to be very popular! Float designer applications are in and include a stunning array of keys artists, craftsmen and designers! We could go global with this. FLOAT DELIVERY: PLEASE arrange for your floats to be delivered to the Key West Wat...
October 07, 2015
Only two days left to enter! We are getting some wonderfully spectacular entries. I can’t wait to see them all! Meanwhile, here is more information: DIRECTION OF THE PARADE As you are watching from the audience the parade will run from right to left, so you may want to cant your float elements a little so they are more visible. TICKETS TO SEE THE PARADE: Each float wi...
October 01, 2015
What a great turnout for The Smallest Parade Design Workshop last night. Award-winning artists Ann Lorraine and Rick Worth did a great job setting the tone of this fun and funny event and emphasizing tips for building a prize-winning float. Ann had a wealth of information on materials—wire, styrofoam blocks, recycled packing, etc. She also reminded us of the theatre set ...
September 29, 2015
Whew! Things are swirling down here at the switchboard central of The Smallest Parade in the Universe! Entries are coming in, people are calling, the press loves this concept! Energy is high! TOMORROW is the DESIGN WORKSHOP where entrants can swap tricks of the trade and hear how the pros do it. Ann Lorraine, a consistant prize winner in Fantasy Fest costume and float competi...
September 16, 2015
SEP 16 – I am very pleased to be able to invite artists in all media to participate in THE SMALLEST PARADE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is an exciting new event that takes place Oct 27th in the brand new Waterfront Brewery and benefits MARC House, a non-profit that assists developmentally and intellectually disabled citizens in our community. $1000 First Prize $750 Second Priz...
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